vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 upgrade: A problem occurred while getting data from the source vCenter Server

When you are performing an upgrade from vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 to 6.7, you may see this, after you have filled out, all the details about the source server:

As you double check, you found out, that all infos you have typed, are correct! – But then, what could be wrong?!

Let’s check the suggested installer log:

2018-09-24T06:51:36.940Z – info: Stream :: close
2018-09-24T06:51:36.940Z – info: Password not expired
2018-09-24T06:51:36.943Z – error: sourcePrecheck: error in getting source Info: ServerFaultCode: Failed to authenticate with the guest operating system using the supplied credentials.
2018-09-24T06:51:36.944Z – info: VCHA is not enabled on the source host
2018-09-24T06:51:47.920Z – info: Log file was saved at: E:\installer-20180924-084442575.log

Okay so the password is not expired and it’s either wrong, so what else?

Let’s look at the appliance management page:

https://vcenter.domain.local:5480 –> Administration


Oooups! – And as it have already expired, we cannot change it from the web, so let’s head over for SSH:

Let’s try migrating again:

And we are ready to continue 😉

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