Find IP address from MAC address

By | 08/03/2019

When you setup a new device, in ex. a network switch, it will eventually get an IP from DHCP server, then you need to find out which IP it has gotten, so you can configure it. There are several ways to do this: Look in your DHCP server logfiles for a lease that matches the… Read More »

Notepad: F5 and .LOG??

By | 18/02/2019

A colleague of mine, showed this simple trick! You may, as I, use Notepad for documentation in troubleshooting scenarios or other time sensitive logging incidents, and often type date and time into it, but hey, try run notepad and press “F5” and see what happens! 🙂 And if you want the file to be “marked”… Read More »

Sophos XG Firewall: SFOS 17.5 MR3 Released

By | 12/02/2019

Hooray, finally, we have support for the new APX-series accesspoints 🙂 Had mine laying around for two months now, so looking forward to get it up and running 🙂 They finished SFOS v17.5.3 MR3. This release is available in stages. In first stage it will be available at MySophos. Then they start with a small… Read More »

Sophos UTM: Up2Date 9.601 Released

By | 11/02/2019

Today they released UTM 9.601. The release will be rolled out in phases. In phase 1 you can download the update package from their FTP server, in phase 2they will spread it via their Up2Date servers. Download here: Up2Date Information News Maintenance Release Remarks System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected REDs will… Read More »

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 released

By | 01/02/2019

Veeam has released update 4, which fixes a lot of things! – mainly support for ESXi 6.7 U1 which was long awaited and a lot more, in ex. Server 2019 support 😉 Read the release notes here:

Office 365: Give one user access to all calendar’s

By | 08/01/2019

Firstly, connect to Exchange Online Powershell, like described here: Then copy-paste this to a powershell.ps1 file, like calrights.ps1: Foreach ($mbx in get-mailbox){ $calendar=$mbx.alias+”:\Calendar” Add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity $calendar -user call -AccessRights Reviewer } USERNAME is the user you will give the rights spcified, here is is the user “call” PERMISSION is the permission level (role) you want to give… Read More »

Enable-RemoteMailbox –ExchangeGuid is mandatory on UserMailbox

By | 20/12/2018

During a recent move from on-premise Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Hybrid, I wanted to create a new user in the AD and then enable a mailbox for it afterwards, this gave this error in Exchange 2010 Powershell: Enable-RemoteMailbox -RemoteRoutingAddress error: ExchangeGuid is mandatory on UserMailbox. Database is mandatory on UserMailbox. After troubleshooting… Read More »

How to migrate large mail items to Office 365

By | 17/12/2018

When migrating mailboxes to Office 365, you may get this error is the migration window: “Request ‎’‎’ has already encountered more than ‎’5‎’ large items and can‎’t be given a limit of ‎’0‎’.” This is due to the default mailboxplan, it only allows for mailitems, that are max. 35MB. This can be changed through Exchange… Read More »