Hi and thanks for visiting! – here is a short story 😉

My name is Martin, I live in Denmark, where I work for at middle-sized company as a systems consultant since 2005, and per 1/9-2021 I have gotten self-employeed with my own company called IKT-People ApS. Hooray 🙂
My work nowadays is network security and infrastructure related. I setup routers, firewalls (Sophos UTM and XG series), servers, SAN and use a variety of Windows Server systems and application servers, going from fileservers, Active Directory, Exchange and SQL.
I am certified in VMWARE vSphere and also use that a lot.

So much for the short story 😉 – I’m not here to tell about my life and what I do, but I made this blog, because I wanted to share something; KNOWLEDGE!, and have a place of my own, where I can read/search in all the things I have written about.
Maybe the things found on this site is not always accurate, so bear in mind, that you have to think once or twice, before you start using theese articles 😉
But at the time, when I wrote them, they seemed correct! – So if you find anything being wrong, please leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate that 😉

I’ll hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. I will add much more info as time allows it.

Best regards


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