Sophos UTM 9.6 Is Coming Soon With More on the Way

By | 07/09/2018

Sophos Partner Portal just released the news about UTM 9.6 coming soon, sadly IKEv2 has been deferred from the 9.6, and maybe it will never arrive, because of the focus is mainly on XG Firewall now, but there are more great news in UTM 9.6:

Taken from: Sophos Partner Portal:

The team has been hard at work on the latest release for SG UTM. UTM 9.6 brings a number of your top requested features and a refreshed product roadmap for version 9.7, 9.8, and 9.9.

Here’s the full list of what’s new in UTM 9.6:

  • Sandstorm: Reporting enhancements and manual file submission
  • WAF: “Let’s Encrypt” certificate support and page customization enhancements
  • RED: Unified firmware with 4G LTE support
  • Email: Upgraded S/MIME email encryption
  • ATP: New and improved Advanced Threat Protection engine

We expect to make the UTM 9.6 release available soon, so watch this space for further announcements. As with all major releases, it will be rolled out to customer systems through our Up2Date service in a staged release process over time.

Roadmap for UTM 9.7, 9.8, and 9.9
For those of you following our roadmap plans closely, you’ll notice that planning our UTM releases out to at least 9.9 is a major new commitment to you, our valued SG UTM partners, as well as to your customers. We want you to know that we are as committed to the SG UTM platform as you are. You may also notice that IKEv2 support did not make the cut for UTM 9.6. After our experience integrating this technology into our XG Firewall platform, we felt that it would unnecessarily delay the release of UTM 9.6, so we’ve deferred it for now and will evaluate it for inclusion in an upcoming release.

As always, your feedback on our roadmap is encouraged and appreciated, so please get in touch with us with your feedback and roadmap priorities via

Other current top considerations for future releases, based on your input, include email and data protection enhancements for GDPR, an enhanced RestAPI to retrieve status information, machine learning in the on-box antivirus engine and automated IP blacklisting for possible brute force attacks

9 thoughts on “Sophos UTM 9.6 Is Coming Soon With More on the Way

  1. Louis

    Nice to hear. I do wish the live logging (web filter, WAF etc) was a little more formatted and filterable eg columns that could be filtered. Try to scroll across the web filtering log can make your eyes goes a bit squiffy at times. The firewall live log is a step in the right direction and much easier to scroll through.

  2. Rodney

    So from this it sounds like they are skipping external/public beta and going straight to production.

    1. Martin Post author

      It could sound that way – yes, but from all info I heard, they will launch it this month (the beta) 😉

  3. Nick

    Given how many OLD systems out there support IKEv2 (my EOL Sonicwall has IKEv2 for crying out loud)…. I just cannot fathom withholding this on the UTM platform after how many years of people asking for it?

    I’ve got numerous UTM 9.x units in the field now, and due to some customer requirements for IKEv2, including multiple S2S connections to Azure and whatnot… Hearing that IKEv2 will NOT be in 9.6 kinda leaves me with two choices: Move to XG or move to a new platform. Given that my UTMs are all still under multi-year update/support agreements, if I have to PAY to change to XG (or in the case of one device, BACK to XG), I can already tell you what our leadership will want to do, and it wouldn’t be spending any more money on Sophos. 🙁

    1. Martin Post author

      I completely understand your frustrations and I also share them. Did unfortunately tell the customers that it would come, but now I have to tell them otherwise.
      Also it’s not just a click on a “convert” button with XG, I have tried the conversion tool some times now, it works, but many things are missing, and who are going to pay for me, configuring the rest? It’s not easy atm…


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