vSphere 8: vCenter 7 to vCenter 8 upgrade fails: Timeout Analytics data

When running the vCenter Server 8 Upgrade, you may see this:

“Upgrade phase timed out. The time planned for the upgrade phase was 60 minutes. The upgrade phase has already been running for 60 minutes.”

It happens during the migration af the vCenter Analytics data, my server had over 40000 files, so I ran this script:

VMware vCenter Analytics Service is restarting often with out of memory errors and vSphere Skyline Health is unable to connect with “Unable to query vSphere health information error” (85116)

And the result:

After this – the migration suceeded without any other error 🙂

Thanks to Jorge for pointing it out: VMware: Upgrade vCenter 7.0.3 to 8.0, stucks at 39% – Exporting VMware Analytics Service data – FIXED – The Blog of Jorge de la Cruz

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  1. Thad Clearinghouse

    Worked perfectly for me. Thanks for the post!


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