SOPHOS UTM: 9.6 Public beta released

What’s new in UTM 9.6?

  • Let’s Encrypt Integration

    • Generate and renew Let’s Encyrpt certificates from within UTM
    • Generated certificates can be used in all UTM components
  • WAF Page Customization

    • Custom themes for all error pages that are delivered by WAF
    • Allows to provide corporate identity on all pages
  • Manual Sandstorm Submission

    • Allows an admin to upload a file for detonation within Sophos Sandstorm
    • Files that have not been received via email or web download can also be analyzed with Sophos Sandstorm
  • Persistent Sandstorm Reports

    • Reporting for Sandstorm Activity over time and with historic information
    • Reporting also covering hash lookup based results from Sophos Sandstorm
  • More Enhancements

    • Unified RED Firmware with better 3g/4g Support
    • Submission Port Support in SMTP Proxy
    • Configurable Listen Address in SMTP Proxy
    • New Advanced Thread Protection Library with better performance and protection

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-10130 [Access & Identity] Unable to connect RDP type bookmark with NLA
  • NUTM-7418 [Access & Identity] SAA – Rename Client Auth CA
  • NUTM-9843 [Access & Identity] HTML5 VPN portal connections periodically stop working until service is restarted
  • NUTM-10080 [Basesystem] Update to latest Avira SAVAPI version
  • NUTM-9681 [Email] cssd coredumps and root partition is filling up
  • NUTM-9716 [Email] S/MIME encryption – automatic certificate extraction causing high load / no webadmin access
  • NUTM-9733 [Email] Change default encryption algorithm to ‘smime’
  • NUTM-9853 [Email] Fix policy traversal (for gpg, smime, unscanable)
  • NUTM-9882 [Email] Umlauts in mail addresses get corrupted if SPX encryption is used
  • NUTM-2791 [Network] Fix detection of sub applications in Application Control
  • NUTM-4767 [Network] SSH for single host skipping AFC check
  • NUTM-9462 [Network] Update to BIND 9.11 ESV
  • NUTM-9026 [RED] TP-LINK MA260 dongle on RED doesn’t work anymore after update to v9.5
  • NUTM-10066 [WAF] Existing certificate chain overrides after new certificate chain has been added
  • NUTM-9809 [WAF] Potential memory allocation failure for “Rewrite HTML” + location with special characters

Known Issues

  • NUTM-10227 [RED] Offline provisioning does not work
  • NUTM-10188 [WebAdmin] OTP – QR code not visible for the first user login

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