New OpenVPN Client for Windows from Securepoint

Martin 14/08/2015

Securepoint has released version 2 of their OpenVPN client, this client is brilliant, because it allows you to add multiple TAP adapters, giving you the possibility to connect to multiple VPN sites at the same time.

With the Sophos UTM  SSL VPN client, you can only connect to one site at the time.

You can import the Sophos SSL VPN Client settings into the Securepoint Client easily.

Get it from here:

Some af the new features:

  • Windows 8 support
  • Import existing configurations.
  • Export encrypted configuration
  • Service for VPN Connections without administrator permissions
  • Multiconnections
  • Commandline
  • PKCS12 handling
  • Proxy settings
  • Manage configration GUI
  • 64bit TAP
  • Quick edit
  • Code signing
  • Language: English and German
  • User credentials can be saved
  • Startconfiguration
  • Configuration wizard.

I have tested also on Windows 10 at it works, I do recommend you follow this post, and install the new TAP driver afterwards:

Sophos SSL VPN client issue


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