Sophos SUM Up2date 4.301010 released

Martin 13/08/2015

A bigger update from Sophos with fixes for MSP users.

Up2Date 4.301010 package description:

System will be rebooted

Bugfix Release

Fix [33369]: MSP license settings not visible in SUM dashboard
Fix [34101]: Coredump from accd and webadmin
Fix [34546]: Coredumps after UTM removal if UTM is still in use by MSP
Fix [34610]: Widget on dashboard is oversized because of too long hostname
Fix [34629]: Accd restart loop and core dumps every few seconds
Fix [34935]: Unable to push group definitions containing range objects from SUM
Fix [34961]: u2dcache starts with some WARNINGS
Fix [35103]: SUM sending INFO-310 notification, which can’t be disabled
Fix [35203]: SUM SSO requests should be UTM version independent
Fix [35492]: Update images on SUM appliance

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