Sophos UTM 9.350-010 Feature Update

Martin 14/09/2015

Sophos released a new branch of updates:
– Maintenance releases (Fixes bugs in the existing product, new features are not introduced – for now the 9.31x branch)
– Feature releases (New features to the product, not maintenance fixes to the existing version – for now it the 9.35x branch)

So if you want to use the new RED 15, you have to install this feature update from 9.315.…350010.tgz.gpg

Up2Date 9.350010 package description:

System will be rebooted
Configuration will be upgraded
Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade

Update to 9.350
Add support for new RED15 devices
Mesh support for AP15, AP55, AP100 in 2.4GHz
Update AppCtrl engine

Fix [34890]: REDs disconnected when connecting more than 270 concurrent RED tunnels
Fix [35338]: Bridge with RED: No warning that RED-interface will be removed from bridge when RED will be deactivated

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