VEEAM: ESXi 6.0 Express Patch 6 breaks CBT and InstantVM recovery!

Here we go again!

VMWARE has released ESXi 6.0 Express Patch 6: Link

This apparently breaks CBT, under the following conditions:

  • Only VMs with Operating System Server 2008 or newer (Linux VMs are unaffected.)
  • All HW Versions (7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) and all VMware tools versions are affected
  • The issue occurs with both thick and thin provisioned disks.
  • The issue only occurs when the backup software uses quiesced snapshots, and it is enabled in the job.

From Veeam community:

ESXi 6.0 Express Patch 6 breaks CBT

ESXi 6.0 Express Patch 6 breaks Instant VM Recovery

Have you installed the patch, you can rollback ESXi with this KB article from VMWARE:

Reverting to a previous version of ESXi

To revert to a previous version of ESXi:
Note: Back up your configuration data before making any changes.
  1. In the console screen of the ESXi host, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to see the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) screen.
  2. In the DCUI screen, press F12 to view the shutdown options for the ESXi host.
  3. Press F11 to reboot.
  4. When the Hypervisor progress bar starts loading, press Shift+R. You see a pop-up with a warning:Current hypervisor will permanently be replaced
    with build: X.X.X-XXXXXX. Are you sure? [Y/n]
  5. Press Shift+Y to roll back the build.
  6. Press Enter to boot.


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