Sophos (XG) Firewall v18 MR5 (Build 586) is Now Available

For thoose still on XG, as it is now only called “Sophos Firewall” (From SFOS 18.5 and as of now only possible with XGS Hardware!) , there is a small maintenance release:

Changelog from Sophos:

We have fixed 4 important issues in the earlier v18 MR5 build; and have released another build for v18 MR5 (Build 586). We will continue calling this release as v18 MR5; And we have added build number in the release name on the web UI and SSH for easy identification, “v18 MR5-Build586”.

Sophos Firewall devices that are already running the earlier v18 MR5 (Build 574) can upgrade to the new firmware (Build 586) with configuration migration supported.

Issues fixed in v18 MR5 Build 586:

  1. Fixed migration issue when multiple SNMP communities are configured (NC-71491)
  2. Fixed Sophos Connect Client download from user portal for MAC & Windows (NC-71456)
  3. Fixed Sophos Connect for the pre-shared key of length of 128 or more characters (NC-71582)
  4. Fixed Show pre-shared key on UI for IPSec remote access and L2TP (NC-72172)

Source: Sophos (XG) Firewall v18 MR5 (Build 586) is Now Available – Release Notes & News – Sophos (XG) Firewall – Sophos Community

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