Sophos UTM Manager (SUM): End of Distribution and End-of-Life Announcement

Sophos has today announced the EOD and EOL of Sophos UTM manager (SUM), it important to say that this does not go for the UTM itself, but it sure looks like a big step forward of EOL’ing the UTM also, though they state that is not in the plans, but recommending customers to go for “Sophos Firewall” instead 🙂

So, plan accordingly:

End-of-Support/End-of-Life Pre-Announcement

The planned End-of-Support/End-of-Life (EOL) date for SUM is December 31, 2022
Lifecycle Milestones:

End-of-Distribution January 31, 2022 Software installers are no longer available for download from any Sophos site/portal and new installs are no longer possible from the AWS Marketplace.
End-of-Life (EOL) December 31, 2022 Support for the product ends. Continued use after this date is at the customer’s own risk.

Customers currently using SUM can continue to do so until the EOL date. Any usage after that date would be at a customer’s own risk as the product will then no longer be supported.

This announcement does not impact the availability or use of Sophos UTM or the SG Series in any way.


Read more about it here:

Sophos UTM Manager: End of Distribution and End-of-Life Announcement

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