Office 365: Give one user access to all calendar’s

Firstly, connect to Exchange Online Powershell, like described here:

Then copy-paste this to a powershell.ps1 file, like calrights.ps1:

Foreach ($mbx in get-mailbox){


Add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity $calendar -user call -AccessRights Reviewer


  • USERNAME is the user you will give the rights spcified, here is is the user “call”
  • PERMISSION is the permission level (role) you want to give that user. The options are:
    • Author   CreateItems, DeleteOwnedItems, EditOwnedItems, FolderVisible, ReadItems
    • Contributor   CreateItems, FolderVisible
    • Editor   CreateItems, DeleteAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, EditAllItems, EditOwnedItems, FolderVisible, ReadItems
    • None   FolderVisible
    • NonEditingAuthor   CreateItems, FolderVisible, ReadItems
    • Owner   CreateItems, CreateSubfolders, DeleteAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, EditAllItems, EditOwnedItems, FolderContact,FolderOwner, FolderVisible, ReadItems
    • PublishingEditor   CreateItems, CreateSubfolders, DeleteAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, EditAllItems, EditOwnedItems, FolderVisible,ReadItems
    • PublishingAuthor   CreateItems, CreateSubfolders, DeleteOwnedItems, EditOwnedItems, FolderVisible, ReadItems
    • Reviewer   FolderVisible, ReadItems

Normally Reviewer is enough for ex. to take telephone calls and check if user is occupied.

NOTE: If permissions for this user have already been defined, this cmdlet will not replace it!


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