Microsoft 365: Get started with the Migration Manager

To migrate fileshares into Microsoft 365 / OneDrive / Sharepoint, this tool come in handy.

It is not to be compared with the SharePoint Migration Tool, as it can only migrate fileshares, as the opposite can do both.

So we have this file share that we need moved to a SharePoint document library:

How does it work?

It works in three simple steps:

Set up migration agents

  • Setup migration agents. Download and install a setup file on each computer or virtual machine you want to connect to Migration Manager.
  • Create tasks & migrate. Create a task by entering the URL of the network file share that you want to migrate (your source) and the URL of the SharePoint site where you are migrating your content (your destination). Migration Manager does the rest. However many tasks you create, Migration Manager will automatically distribute the tasks across all the connected agents.
  • Monitor and report. Monitor progress across all agents and access reports from one central location.

Go ahead and log into Migration Manager page of the new SharePoint admin center

Download the agent setup file and put it on the file server hosting the share, it will be used for a migration agent and you can install multiple of them, if yourenvironment needs it.

Run the file on the file server:

Remember the permissions and press next:

Fill in SharePoint admin on first prompt and domain admin on the next, press “Install”:

Do a test and press close:

Now head back to SharePoint Migration page, and your agent should show as ONLINE:


So we are go to GO!

Go to the “tasks” tab and Press “Global settings”, verify that everything is in right place (Can also be done later on individually on the task!):

Press “Save” if you changed anything, and select “Add task”:

We will go for “Single source and destination” migration in this example:

Enter source share:

Add destination SharePoint site:

Give it a name and press “Run now”:

The task is now in “Queued” state:

On the server, after some minutes, you will see the process “MigrationHost” using ressources it will eventually use 90-100%:

When you click the task in the SharePoint migration site, you can see how things are moving on:

And we can see the file server pushing data to the cloud:


Things are in progress, all we need now is to wait 🙂

And we are done:

Go ahead and delete the task and remove the agent from the server, enjoy your data in SharePoint 🙂

Some good FAQ’s:



  1. NMF

    > Go ahead and delete the task and remove the agent from the server

    Do you have advice on how to delete the agent? (Windows Server 2016) I cant figure it out

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Add and remove programs – but from the old control panel 🙂

      1. NMF

        It wasn’t in there either. Turns out you just run the agent INSTALLER again and choose “uninstall” … oops! Thanks for your help!

        1. Martin (Post author)

          Wow – Wonder why they removed it from control panel – we’ll thanks for sharing anyway, what a logical uninstaller solution 😀

  2. David

    Any way to have the agent installed on a drive other than the C drive? Or atleast direct the migration logging to dump off to another drive as this winds up consuming a ton of space.


    1. Martin (Post author)

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