Sophos XG: How to reboot a XG managed Sophos Access Point

As with the UTM, it’s also possible to reboot specific access points from XG with the AWETOOL command:

  1. Log into the command line interface (CLI) as follow:
    1. Login with username: admin
    2. Enter the admin password
    3. Use Option 5 for Device Management
    4. Use Option for Advance shell
  2. Type the following command to connect to the Access Point’s console from the XG’s console:awetool
  3. The following screen appears:
  4. Select option 1 to list the available APs.
  5. Select the AP you would like to reboot.
  6. Click on Ok.
  7. The below screen appears, type there y to connect to the AP.
  8. You’re now connected to the AP.
  9. Type the command reboot to restart the AP



  1. Peter Verhoeven

    Why so much difficult? Why not in The XG firewall, Wireless, Access points and be able to restart the AP trough a restart setting on the specific Acces point tab? Is has been asked on the Sugestion and ideas website of Sophos for so many times?

    1. Martin (Post author)

      I agree, that would be a wanted feature, it should be fairly simple to fix.

      Regards Martin


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