Sophos XG Firewall v18 EAP 2 Firmware Has Been Released!

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Sophos has released EAP2 today for XG SFOS v18, it gives a lot of fixes and new features, looking so much forward to EAP3 🙂

Important Issues Resolved in SF v18 EAP 2

  • NC-50214 [DHCP] DHCP server dead with specific configuration
  • NC-48712 [Email] Antivirus service in stopped state, cannot recover it
  • NC-51717 [DDNS, Email] DDNS uses wrong IP when interface is configured with PPPoE + Alias
  • NC-37775 [Firewall] Configuring over 20 time schedulers on the various firewall rules is causing CSC freeze
  • NC-50712 [Firewall] NAT Rules UI error
  • NC-47482 [Firmware Management] Firmware mismatch issue – both firmware slots showing same firmware
  • NC-52441 [Firmware Management] Some time firmware ‘install’ opcode getting timeout and installation failed
  • NC-51568 [IPS-DAQ] Coredump in snort
  • NC-52085 [IPS-DAQ] Wget not working for IPv6 sites in bridge mode – SSL decrypt not working
  • NC-49919 [IPsec] Dgd service stopped and unable to start
  • NC-48106 [Logging Framework] XG85 – /tmp partition fills up
  • NC-51956 [Web] Slow browsing with DPI Mode – System with 4gb RAM
  • NC-52710 Gateway status was showing down after upgrading to EAP1 Refresh
  • NC-52642 “Last 24 hours Memory” Usage Report Bubble show wrong figure
  • NC-52684 /tmp full : Appliance storing backup frequently at /tmp/backup
  • Plus 200+ issues and stability fixes are part of EAP 2

New Features and Highlights in SF v18 EAP 2

  • User based uplink selection in the SDWAN policy routes
  • Sandstorm threat intelligence detailed report is now available
  • VLAN members in bridge
  • Improved Firewall and NAT rule management
    • Advanced filter now has exclusion, proxy, HTTP scanning options
    • Firewall exclusion config is now seen on the manage page
    • Move firewall rule to <nth> position (across the pages)
    • Retain filter on firewall page (session wise)
    • Add / Detach multiple rule to a Group
    • Policy test tool error correction
    • Linked NAT
      • Added Hide linked rule option on NAT manage page
      • Linked NAT rules can be filtered from NAT type filter
      • Auto-populated linked NAT details
      • Added Override SNAT config icon with the tool tip on NAT rule manage page
      • Added Health Check interval (on UI) on NAT Policy page
  • A part of HA enhancement (other improvements have been planned in EAP 3)
    • Added cluster ID to eliminate VMAC conflict limitation
    • Now supports option to use host/ hypervisor MAC to eliminate vSwitch Promiscuous mode limitation
    • Now supports pre-emption/ Failback
    • Eliminated downtime in case of upgrade using “Firmware Upgrade now and boot later” option
    • HA synchronization now happens over SSH tunnel based secure communication
  • CLI option to enable-disable policy route trigger on reply traffic and system generated traffic
  • Port agnostic protocol identification for HTTP and SMTP in Snort

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