Sophos UTM: Up2Date 9.701 Released

UTM Up2Date 9.701 Released

Today Sophos released UTM 9.701. The release will be rolled out in phases.

In phase 1 you can download the update package from their download server, in phase 2 they will spread it via their Up2Date servers.

Up2Date Information


  • Maintenance Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected APs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-11142 [AWS] Unable to create VPC tunnel to AWS GovCloud
  • NUTM-10024 [Basesystem] Unexpected reboots of both HA nodes
  • NUTM-10625 [Basesystem] IPs will be counted under license usage even they are not really active
  • NUTM-10893 [Basesystem] UTM does not process traffic after reboot
  • NUTM-11065 [Basesystem] iptables-restore: line 10 failed: ICMP Rule disappears sporadically
  • NUTM-11234 [Basesystem] NTP vulnerabilitiy (CVE-2018-12327)
  • NUTM-11121 [Configuration Management] Confd move_object() is broken
  • NUTM-10051 [Email] DLP Custom expression does not match if message text starts with a ‘<‘
  • NUTM-11229 [Email] Patch Exim (CVE-2019-15846)
  • NUTM-10019 [Network] Unexpected UDP drops (UDP / 4742)
  • NUTM-10519 [Network] BGP neighborship not coming up
  • NUTM-10963 [Network] NAT rules stopped working after update
  • NUTM-11005 [Network] IP renewal doesn’t work for one interface if multiple dynamic uplinks exist
  • NUTM-11175 [Network] IPS exception does not work for SID 49666 for inbound WAF traffic
  • NUTM-11208 [Network] Optimize route updates
  • NUTM-11003 [UI Framework] Portal login failed to find user object of Active Directory user
  • NUTM-11030 [UI Framework] Webadmin mass enable/disable/delete user does not work
  • NUTM-11053 [UI Framework] Alert “Do you want to wait xx more seconds to finish the request?” does not disappear if request is done.
  • NUTM-11214 [UI Framework] Conform to Apple’s new certificate requirements (webadmin)
  • NUTM-10960 [Web] Proxy crash with coredump on UTM 9.602
  • NUTM-11034 [Web] Method change on UTM warn page in 9.6 cause warning in Firefox
  • NUTM-11102 [Web] SafeSearch not working as expected
  • NUTM-11345 [Web] Regenerated Signing CA using 1024bit key, causing iOS 13 trust issues
  • NUTM-11422 [Web] Error while saving any web filter profile after upgrade to 9.7
  • NUTM-10834 [Wireless] UTM config changelog updates when reviewing wireless network settings
  • NUTM-11122 [Wireless] QR code missing from hotspot voucher when custom hostname is longer than 24 characters
  • NUTM-11150 [Wireless] APs became inactive after upgrade from UTM 9.603 to 9.604



  1. Thorsten Sult

    Hi, Martin,

    do you know if “NUTM-11345 [Web] Regenerated Signing CA using 1024bit key, causing iOS 13 trust issues” has really been fixed? Unfortunately I could not check it yet. A user has asked me in my blog.

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Hi Thorsten, no sadly no, I rarely use this with UTM 🙁

  2. Thorsten Sult

    9.702 Out nö!

  3. Thorsten Sult

    Out now…

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Thanks Torsten, I have been on a short vacation.
      Been working with developers regarding the corrupted disk issues, so was “warned” about this last week 🙂

      This may not EVER be shown on the RED 50 console:
      Booted fine without SQUASH_FS errors, but:
      NAND read: device 0 offset 0x5100000, size 0x100000
      Bad block table found at page 131008, version 0x01
      Bad block table found at page 130944, version 0x01
      1048576 bytes read: OK


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