Sophos UTM “Elevated” 9.4 Beta has begun…

Sophos began their UTM 9.4 11/2-2016, here is where you can get it:

Beta forum:

Release notes:

· Update to 9.4 Beta 1
· .
· Features
· Clientless SSO (STAS)
· IPv6 Support for SSL VPN
· Sandboxing for SMTP and Web
· Support for new RED15w
· Support for new SG Appliances SG85 and SG85w
· Support for new 4x10G FP 1U network module
· WAF persistent session cookies
· System will be rebooted
· Configuration will be upgraded
· Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
· Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade
25775 RED: add message to warn users if they add a MAC to the list which is used by RED
33039 SNMPd reports wrong mac address
33657 Bridge: Error messages when you enable / disable an additional address on a bridge
33713 Chinese characters in email subject are not displayed correctly in Mail Manager
34447 Issue with WAF Rev. Auth. and OTP
34496 Bridge + QoS: Bandwidth pools does not work
34775 Disk cache cleanup causes massive load peaks
34886 filter:FORWARD:rule will cause a conntrack entry without SYN
35143 LT2P remote access – client get assigned an IP from the pool which is already in use
35269 Random auth-pop ups in with eDir SSO
35279 Option “Drop packets from blocked hosts” does not work correctly
35353 Intermittend authentication failed messages during unstable SAA connection
35459 Site-to-site SSL VPN client fails to add routes after server restart
35583 Web traffic appears as ‘unclassified’ in flow monitor despite application being detected by HTTP proxy
35602 Outdated perl-ldap -0.39 causing errors in
35675 First time connection always fails with ssl remote access vpn and remote auth
35689 RED50: Loadbalancing does not work
35778 Sometimes SAA connection disconnect for 3 minutes
35791 QoS not working with more than 600 applications in a traffic selector definition
35855 RED: Kernel crash – decompression failed: -22
35859 Some users are removed from all groups during update_ad_bg_members
35926 VPN Signing CA using encryption of 1024bit
35957 ERROR: netlink response for Increase seq numbers HA SYSTEM included errno 3: No such process
36056 Printable report generating “Errors were encountered during serialization:” error
36061 Unable to upload attachements with IE to backend server via WAF
36062 QoS using Application Selector isn’t working with WebProxy
36064 Regeneration of VPN Signing CA doesn’t work
36111 Slow web browsing with IE 9/10
36281 XSS vulnerability in mod_url_hardening [9.35]
36282 XSS vulnerability in mod_avscan [9.35]

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