Sophos UTM: Data disk filling up – due to coredumps

Sometimes Sophos releases updates or patterns that corrupts a function in the UTM and make that function crash! – Everytime a core dump is generated, and that is filling up the data disk.

If that happens you eventualle see a notification land in your mailbox saying:

Data Disk is filling up – please check. Current usage: 82%

When logging into webadmin, you may see this:

Clearly the data disk is getting full!

To fix this, you can connect to your UTM’s shell with SSH

GO into the folder /var/storage/cores and issue a “ll” command:

As you can see here, there are a lot of dumps in this case, especially the httpproxy files are huge.

If you do not need to examine the log files, you can safely delete them with the command:

“rm *” for the httpproxy files only issue: “rm httpproxy.*”

After that, all is cleared up and the webadmin will update the storage status in a few minutes:

Hope this helps 🙂

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