Sophos UTM 9.353-4 finally soft-released!

Sophos FINALLY released the update to fix the wrongs in 9.352-6 today as a soft release:

· Maintenance Update
· System will be rebooted
· Configuration will be upgraded
· Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade
29945 SPX password notification mails have no header and footer customization
35236 rsync does not sync up2date/pattern packages due to corrupted rsyncd.conf
35300 Interface was deleted through backup restore
35368 HTTP Proxy fails to lookup correct backend group intermittently
35511 Maildrop lock will not removed by pop3proxy
35521 Support Access user cannot be enabled if complex passwords & non-alphanumeric character required
35645 FTP Proxy: frox segfault still occurs after udpate to 9.314
35683 Update kernel to 3.12.48
35704 WAN Failover on RED50 with static IP addresses not successful
35739 SPX Encryption works only if the customer uses “senderspec” as option
35750 SMTP Proxy dies every two hours when using SPX
35755 User Portal: Login not possible – “Authentication system error”
35766 Certificate with Netscape Cert Type: SSL Client not usable for S/MIME encryption
35787 SG1xxW: middleware errors + changing txpower not working
35797 dynamic mac filter changes not working
35799 Corrupted rpmdb – check and repair from 33545 doesn’t work
35810 Web Proxy unable to start following update to 9.350
35816 spx-auth dies without any log entry
35923 HTTP Proxy: fix of memory leaks
35928 Windows devices randomly showing up as Linux device=3 in httpproxy with device authentication
35970 Remote access reporting is incorrect
35974 Printable config doesn’t show content of WebAdmin user preferences > shortcuts in Confd format
35978 Update ntp to 4.2.8
35979 HTTP Proxy does not provide full certificate chain when using custom cert for enduser pages
35980 Proceed button for a forbidden file extension change the signature of a https request
35985 Executive Report: VPN client ‘duration’ counted incorrectly if users logged > 1 day
35994 MAC filter list with more than 700 entries doesn’t get updated on change
35999 FTP over HTTP: directory listing uses wrong paths
36008 SPX registration mails mess up exim header sporadically
36012 No “Server Hello” is send by WebProxy from the UTM to the client
36013 Installation of first package failed during Up2Date (db_verify?)
36019 IP range objects in allowed relays will not insert in the exim configuration
36065 Webadmin triggers L2TP over IPsec PSK change if “&” is used in PSK
36086 Executive Report: Wrong count of ssh logins in summary
36171 Flow Monitor broken since the XSS patches
36221 After update to version 9.317/9.351 SMTP messages stop being processed (without any notifications/errors in log)

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