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Sophos UTM: Use another UTM as a RED device (client)

Setting up a Sophos UTM <–> Sophos UTM as RED, can be little tricky, because you have to use seperate “Red-Tunnel”  ip addresses for the…

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Sophos Copernicus, real name rewealed ;)

Look’s like Sophos Project Copernicus, finally rewealed it’s true name in BETA 3 😉 Sophos XG Firewall

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Ocedo’s SDN-driven VPN Product

Ocedo now has redefined (Software Defined Networking) SDN-VPN, and added layer 2 and 3 to it, read more here, it just works! 😉

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IMM2 reports backup GUID Partition Table (GPT) corruption detected after server restart

Have been seeing this on a few IBM / Lenovo x3650 M5 servers lately: It was not all servers in a cluster that showed it,…

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IOS 9.1 released

Apple released 9.1 today 😉

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Sophos Firewall Manager now available in Copernicus beta

Source: Sophos Firewall Manager now available in Copernicus beta | Sophos Blog If you’ve been following Project Copernicus, you know that it’s our revolutionary new…

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SOPHOS Home – get free antivirus on your home PC’s

Sophos HOME, the new antivirus for personal and non-commercial use. Register here: And get your own cloud antivirus solution, with added support for web protection…

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Sophos UTM 9.316 and 9.317 is soft released

Sophos has soft released theese new updates, fixing a lot of issues: General information about 9.316 News Maintenance Update Add support for new hardware revision….

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VEEAM B&R v8 – Update 3 released

Good news! Veeam has just released Update 3, fixing a lot of issues, amongst backup of vSphere 6 update 1 and Windows 10: Read more…

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VMware: Pass VLAN directly to the virtual machine

When you have a VM that requires VLAN directly passed to it, it could be a virtual firewall or any Vm, VMWARE does not allow…

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