VEEAM fails to backup Windows 10 VM

By | 04/10/2015

When doing a backup in VEEAM of Windows 10 VM’s they default fail with this error: Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: Cannot initialize information about the guest’s system. Target host: []. Cannot collect metrics about the guest’s operation system. Cannot connect to the remote registry. Win32 error:The network path was not found.… Read More »

Watch out for Cryptolocker2 – a new variant is seen…again!

By | 01/10/2015

Theese two domains are now seen active around Cryptolocker2 with the Postdanmark/Postnord spamruns: postdanmarkportal24[.]com postdanmarkportal24[.]net Block theese domains in your spamfilter/dns/firewall as antivirus software have a low detection rate on theese! You can try to block or limit it, with a Software restiction Policy GPO: The Software Restriction Policies option can be found in the Local… Read More »

Get more performance in VMWARE Converter!

By | 25/09/2015

By default, the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.x default the converter worker encrypts the data stream using SSL. Encrypting the traffic increases security, but it can decrease performance. This article provides steps to disable SSL encryption in VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.x. To disable SSL encryption: Take a backup of the converter-worker.xml file. By default,… Read More »

IMPORTANT: vSphere 6 Update 1 and VEEAM 8.0

By | 24/09/2015

With the release of vSphere 6 Update it, SSLv3 will be disabled on all your ESXi hosts, that means that VEEAM can no longer backup theese servers, because they use SSLv3, VEEAM states that they will release Veeam B&R V8 Update late september. Read more and find a workaround here:

Various nice-to-have powershell commands for Exchange

By | 23/09/2015

Get and output of all mailboxes, sorted by size, with items:

Paul Cunningham’s health check script for 2010/2013: Generate Health Report for an Exchange Server 2010/2013 Environment Public Folders: Get a list of all mail enabled folders: