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VMWARE: Meltdown and Spectre

By | 09/01/2018

Due to the new CPU bug, memory can be read by criminals, therefore update your OS and virtuel environments: Relevant Products VMware vSphere ESXi (ESXi) VMware Workstation Pro / Player (Workstation) excluded Workstation version 14 VMware Fusion Pro / Fusion (Fusion) excluded Fusion 10 Solution VMware vSphere 6.5: apply patch ESXi650-201712101-SG (released on Dec, 19th 2017) VMware… Read More »

Sophos UTM: Setting up DKIM for mail security

By | 01/09/2017

Sophos UTM mail security has many features, it also supports DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), which allows the UTM to cryptographically sign outgoing messages. Unfortunately it’s not “that” easy to set up, like any other UTM feature, but that’s not the UTM’s fault 🙂 I will try to explain how to make things work here: Firstly you… Read More »

Compliance check: IIS leaks internal IP

By | 21/12/2016

During security audit scans, it is sometimes seen that a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server is exposing the servers internal ip, when a speciel get request is sent to the server. This can be due to misconfig, unpatched server or maybe something that is default. It can be amended by running this on IIS… Read More » now DNSSEC secured :)

By | 02/11/2016

Adding an additional layer of security with DNSSEC: It’s easy to setup, your DNS provider has to support this though, read more about DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) here: