Azure Storage Explorer: Easily manage Storage anywhere

For thoose who had not had the time to get to know Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) yet, this may help people get on their way.

When you create Storage Accounts in Azure and thereafter  want to have in ex. a BLOB (Binary Large OBjects) and have created a container for this, you are ready to go 🙂

You can download Storage Explorer here:

Install it, it’s just plain “next next next” and when you see this, it’s installed:


Go ahead and launch it:

For this demo we will use a connection string, but there are several other methods to connect to it, so let’s head over to the Azure Portal:

So we head over to our Storage Account –> Settings –> Access keys, here we copy-paste the Connection String from “key1” (Sorry for masking so much 😉 )

press Next:

Press “Connect”:

And now we’re in!

From here, you can see all allocated storage, on that Storage Account you created, you can upload files and folders, manage access policies, set public access level and much much more.

It’s a must-have tool, when you work with storage accounts in Azure 🙂


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