OUTLOOK: Favorites are missing or “wrong” after restart

If you do not know what Favorites in Outlook is, or it even existed, try the link here and find out how Outlook can cooperate with you 🙂

Outlook: Add or remove folders in Favorites

But sometimes the favorites you have added, tend to disappear after Outlook has been restarted, it could be them all or just some of them, it’s very annoying!

Luckily the fix is there, waiting to be exectuted by you 🙂

  • Close Outlook
  • Click on the START menu and just start typing “outlook.exe /resetnavpane”
  • You should see this:

  • You could also do this in the “Run” menu, if that fits you better 🙂
  • Outlook will start with an emty favorites menu, and you can start adding your favorites again.
  • Close Outlook
  • Start Outlook
  • All should be fine 🙂

If you still have problems, try for starters with a new Outlook profile or check if you have add-ins that may cause Outlook to crash unexspectedly.

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