IBM Storwize V3700: Noisy Powersupply

UPDATE 9/3-2016:

IBM has a KB for this (This is from IBM support) – remember use this at own risk :):

The command to reset canisters (which usually helps) is:

svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 1 EnclosureID
svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 2 EnclosureID

in this case, the only enclosure in system is “1”


svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 1 1
svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 2 1

Note that you should wait 30 minutes between canister 1 and canister 2
reset. Also multipath needs to be working.

If this does not help, please reseat the power supply(s)

Fan speeds are not directly visible from logs, however this is a known
issue in enclosure management firmware.

UPDATE 8/12-2015: This issue fixed in version 😉

During the last monts I had some customers with V3700 SAN, complaining about suddenly noisy power supply’s, and NO errors on the GUI or event logs.

All running firmware

In all occurances, it was the right PSU (Seen from the front), that was running at almost full fan speed.

A reseat of the PSU (Can be done as hotswap if you are on 7.5.x firmware), made no difference.

The fix was to make a case at IBM Service, and get a new PSU ordered.

Once delivered, the PSU is swapped with the new one and after 2 minutes the FANS spins down to normal level.

The old PSU is returned to IBM.

Case closed 😉



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