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Storwize V3700: Update released

By | 07/11/2017

A new firmware has been releasedfor the V3700 Storwize system. There are a few, but important fixes to be deployed! Read the release notes here: Download here (Lenovo):

IBM Storwize V3700 firmware released

By | 15/03/2016

Amongst other things, it fixes the long pause when upgrading from 7.5.x to 7.6 🙂 Release notes: Download:

Storwize V3700 firmware released

By | 29/02/2016

IBM/Lenovo released firmware on 26. february: Read more: Download:

IBM/Lenovo Storwize V3700: New firmware released (

By | 19/01/2016

IBM/Lenovo has now issued a new firmware for the V3700 again. This updates fixes two APARS (Search for is the release notes 🙂 ) Release notes: Download link:

URGENT – SVC/Storwize issue

By | 03/12/2015

UPDATE: Fix released for this 8/2015 – read more here: Got this from IBM yesterday: Unfortunately, an issue has been discovered in this release that may lead to unexpected node warmstarts if host I/O is performed to volumes that contain 64,000 extents or more.  This may result in both nodes in an I/O group pair… Read More »

IBM Storwize V3700: Noisy Powersupply

By | 10/11/2015

UPDATE 9/3-2016: IBM has a KB for this (This is from IBM support) – remember use this at own risk :): The command to reset canisters (which usually helps) is: svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 1 EnclosureID svctask chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 2 EnclosureID in this case, the only enclosure in system is “1” so: svctask chenclosurecanister… Read More »