How to reset Apple TV Remote

Image of Siri Remote (1st generation) or Apple TV Remote (1st generation) and Siri Remote (2nd generation) or Apple TV Remote (2nd generation).

Been using my Apple TV Remote to control my soundbar via IR for years, and one day it suddenly stopped working.

I could control the Apple TV with no problem, with the same remote, but the IR part of the remote stopped working, I even used the IR TEST to test  but there was no light comming from the remote, like we can see here, where it is working with another remote:

IR light

I used the support article from Apple to reset the remote:

If your Apple TV remote isn’t working – Apple Support

  1. Press and hold the TV/Control Center button  and the Volume Down button  at the same time. Hold the buttons down for about 5 seconds, or until the status light on Apple TV turns off then turns on again.
  2. Release the buttons, then wait 5–10 seconds. A Connection Lost notification will appear on your TV screen.
  3. After your remote restarts, a Connected notification will appear on your TV screen.

After this, it all worked again 🙂

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