Sophos XG: No IP is delivered via DHCP on branch office when static DHCP is in use

When you use the internal DHCP server of the XG firewall, and you have configured dhcp static entries on ex. the LAN, and you then move the endpoint, ex. a laptop, to a branch office behind a red, where the XG also, via the RED, provides IP addresses on another network, then the static endpoint will never get a IP, and revert to an APIPA address.

This is because the XG’s DHCP server is configured for static-entries only on the subject network, and the endpoint is not on that lan, therefore it cannot get an ip.

Personally I think this is a “bug”, as the server should figure this out by itself, as ex. the UTM does!

But no matter that, back to the solution, luckily the “Sophos XG Firewall Command Reference Guide v16 ” can tell us how to solve this on page 36:

Manage scope of Static lease
dhcp static-entry-scope{global|network|show}

So go to the console of the XG as described in the guide above and type:

And voila! – the endpoint on the branch connection, now get’s it’s IP matching that network 🙂

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