Sophos XG Firewall v18 GA-Build354 is now available!

A bit delay’ed because of COVID-19, but here you go ūüôā – It’s an very important fix for XG due to kernel panics when a lot of users are on SSLLVPN!:

XG Firewall v18 GA-Build354 Enhancements:

  • Sophos Connect (IPSec VPN) lease now supports more than 255 IP addresses in address range (NC-57067)
  • Fixed: Issues related to upgrade from v17.5 MRx to v18.0 GA (NC-57910)
  • Fixed: kernel panic issue related to SSLVPN tunnels (NC-56732)

More on XG Firewall v18

Please refer¬†XG Firewall v18 highlights¬†for more details on all-new Xstream Architecture delivering extreme new levels of visibility, protection and performance. Also,¬†check out our¬†XG Firewall v18 playlist on YouTube¬†to find out what’s new in XG Firewall v18!

Get it now!

As usual, this firmware update is no charge for all licensed XG Firewall customers. The firmware will be rolled-out automatically to all systems over the coming weeks but you can access the firmware anytime to do a manual update through MySophos.

For fresh installations, please find the following installer images:

Things to know before upgrading

You can upgrade from SFOS 17.5 (MR6 to MR10) to 18.0 GA-Build354. Check out the relevant sections of the XG v18 release notes for details on:

Note: Please note that upgrading from SFOS v17.5.x to SFOS v18 GA-Build354 may take longer than normal, due to the file system correction checks. The approximate time is dependent on the hard disk size and state. More info available in this KBA.

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