Sophos Firewall: v18.5 EOL Support for accesspoints

Sophos has announced that in SFOS v18.5, they will no longer support the older AP series:



Support for some legacy and end-of-life access points will be removed from upcoming versions of Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) and on future hardware platforms.

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) v18.5
AP Series: 5, 10, 30, 50, 15, 15C, 55, 55C, 100 and 100C

SFOS version 18.5 and higher on XG Series
AP Series: 5, 10, 30, 50
In SFOS version 18.5 and higher running on XG Series appliances, support will no longer be included for the AP Series access points which reached their end-of-life date in 2018.

Future hardware platforms
AP Series: 5, 10, 30, 50, 15, 15C, 55, 55C, 100 and 100C
As advised during the end-of-sale announcement for the above access points, future hardware platforms will not support any legacy AP Series models.

What to do
To continue to use your firewall to manage your Wi-Fi networks, you will need to refresh your AP Series hardware to the APX Series.

Learn more about theĀ APX Series


Source: Legacy AP Series support on upcoming SFOS versions and future hardware platforms (

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