Rackmount your small firewall / router

On my job, we have several customers, where a big rackmounted firewall, is way too big for their needs, therefore they buy smaller routers, in ex. the Sophos SG115 and XG 115 appliances.

Theese appliances can also be ordered at Sophos with rackmount kits as here:
Sophos Rackmount Kit Mounting Instructions XG 105(w)/115(w) Rev. 3

But unfortunately, ethernet ports, console port and usb port, are located on the back of the device, and are not easy to reach, in case that could be needed.

Then I found the rackmount kit from Rackmount.IT, they have a brilliant product, that matches exactly my needs:


Read more: https://www.rackmount.it/products/sorack/rm-sr-t7.html

Here I have mounted two Sophos XG 115, that run in HA:

I am very happy about theese kits, and it will surely not be the last time, I will use them 😉


  1. Thorsten Sult

    Sehr geil, das kannte ich noch gar nicht.

    Very nice, I didn’t know that.

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Thanks Thorsten, I didn’t either 🙂

  2. Mark van der Pijll | Rackmount.IT

    Thank you for the kind words Martin! This is what drives us to keep developing and improving rack mount kits for small appliances.

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Thanks Mark – I am very fond of your products 😀

  3. Thorsten Sult

    Ich habe das mal bei mir im Blog verlinkt!

    I have linked this in my blog!

    1. Martin (Post author)

      Thanks Thorsten 😉


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