Find IP address from MAC address

When you setup a new device, in ex. a network switch, it will eventually get an IP from DHCP server, then you need to find out which IP it has gotten, so you can configure it.

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Look in your DHCP server logfiles for a lease that matches the MAc address of the device.
  2. A network scanner, ex. Softperfect Network scanner, which can resolve MAC addresses.
  3. Simple: Command prompt!

Here I will show you how to use the command prompt.

Lets say your IP net has this net, then the broadcast address will be if you have a /24 subnet (

Then open a command prompt and type:


You will not get a reponse, but wait until all four pings have times out!

Then type this:

“arp -a”

And you should be able to find your MAC of your device, with it’s IP to the left 😉



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