Active Directory: Changing home folder servername

When migrating filservers and you are using the “Home Folder” setting of an AD user’s object like here:




It would be great just to edit all objects in bulk, with this script, it is possible:


Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$oldServerName = "oldserver"
$newServerName = "newserver"

$AllUsers = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter '(name=*)' -SearchBase "DC=domain,DC=local" -Properties HomeDirectory

foreach($user in $AllUsers){

$homeDirectory = ($user.HomeDirectory.ToString()) -replace $oldServerName, $newServerName
Set-ADUser $user.DistinguishedName -HomeDirectory $homeDirectory


Remember servername is CASE SENSITIVE! So if the oldserver is all with small letters, and you type them with CAPS, it will change nothing 🙂

Credits go to:


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