WSUS: Move content folder to another location

Martin 10/03/2017

Everyone knows that WSUS is space consuming, no matter how many updates you selected, it will eventually take up some space πŸ™‚

If you need to move the content folder to a new location, in ex. new drive, you can use the following build in utility, to move it:

1) Locate the Update Services folder, it’s normally located in C:\Program Files\Update Services

2) Open a command prompt with admin access to that folder:

3) Change directory toΒ C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools

4) In this folder we will find a utility called “wsusutil.exe”, with this, we can move the Content of the WSUS updates to a new location with the “movecontent” option:

5) Now move the content with this example: “WsusUtil.exe movecontent d:\!WSUS-DATA\WsusContent d:\!WSUS-DATA\LOG.txt”

6) Now sit back and wait for it to complete and look in the LOG.TXT file for any error/warnings πŸ™‚

And suddenly: πŸ™‚

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