Sophos Firewall v18.5 MR1 Early Access is Here!

Sophos Firewall v18.5 MR1 Early Access is Here!

Sophos has released early access for v18.5 MR1, read more here

Remember after 18.5 NO AP-models accesspoints are supported, only APX-models are!!!!

Here’s a full list of what’s new in v18.5 MR1:

Support for new Central Orchestration Subscription (included in the new Xstream Protection license bundle):

  • Central SD-WAN VPN Orchestration enables easy point-and-click site-to-site VPN orchestration from Sophos Central – automatically configuring the necessary tunnels and firewall access rules for your desired SD-WAN overlay network.
  • Central Firewall Reporting Advanced with 30-days of data retention for full multi-firewall reporting in Sophos Central with access to all pre-packaged reports plus flexible custom report capabilities and the option to save, schedule, or export your reports.
  • Sophos MTR/XDR connector to enable Sophos Firewall intelligence and data to be used as part of our Managed Threat Response 24/7 service, or as part of your self-managed cross-product extended detection and response solution.

A separate community post with the full details on Central Orchestration and how to take advantage of it will be published later today. Keep watching this space.


Additional Enhancements:

  • Resolved FragAttack Vulnerabilities recently discovered in the Wi-Fi specification for all internal and add-on Wi-Fi modules for Sophos (XG) Firewall desktop series appliances. All other updates will follow as outlined in this advisory.
  • Enhanced Backup/Restore Support improves backup/restore operations across different models by better mapping the management ports. v18.5 MR1 can also restore backups from v18 MR5 and earlier including any older v17.5 MRs.
  • XGS Series Reset Button enables a long press of the hardware reset button on XGS Series appliances (XGS 116 and higher models) to perform a factory reset to help recover from a bad configuration.
  • VPN Tunnel Logging adds improved logging of VPN tunnel flap events and IPsec IKEv2 rekeying
  • Sophos DDNS ( will be discontinued and no longer supports new registrations. This is planned from January 31, 2022. Refer to KBA-41764 for more details.


Issues Resolved:

  • NC-69584 [Authentication, SSLVPN] The user information displayed for remote users under Monitor & Analyze -> Current activities on Web Admin are not display proper.
  • NC-73734 [Date/Time Zone] Reports showing wrong time zone due to /etc/timezone is not updated during restore
  • NC-73542 [Email] DKIM signing broken in Exim 4.94
  • NC-73665 [Email] Email exception list is empty for source/host if you save and re-open the exception
  • NC-58370 [Firewall] User logout event clears firewall fields in conntrack of connection going through network based rules, results in packet drop
  • NC-66067 [Firewall] Firewall filter for ‘unused’ rules does not work.
  • NC-69495 [Firewall] XG 210 frequently rebooting [skb->sk corruption]
  • NC-69558 [Firewall] XG750 crash: tcp_v4_rcv+0xb14/0xbb0
  • NC-70461 [Firewall] IPv6 Host group doesn’t match when a network type host is added in host group
  • NC-71473 [Firewall] PortB4 (not existing) still shows up in custom SNAT on CLI
  • NC-71922 [Firewall] Chitale: XGS6500 auto rebooted
  • NC-72153 [Firewall] VLAN on bridge with fastpath enabled does not pass traffic
  • NC-72494 [Firewall] When multiple packets are sent from the same origin to the same destination at the same time,the first packets always get drop
  • NC-68595 [HA] Unable to establish HA with Quick Mode
  • NC-72076 [HA] HA sync dir failure resulted in empty directory
  • NC-69937 [Hotspot] Hotspot option device per voucher is inconsistent
  • NC-72311 [Hotspot] Hotspot user logged in when the arp resolution was in incomplete state
  • NC-71126 [Interface Management] XGS 116w EAP3 – IF alias UI timeout error
  • NC-71333 [Policy Routing] Incoming VPN traffic doesn’t follow SDWAN policy
  • NC-71151 [QoS] Unable to edit/add users when traffic shaping policy exist with name “None”
  • NC-71996 [SNMP] SNMPD memory usage keeps increasing
  • NC-73687 [SSLVPN] SSLVPN remote access: push_reply does not include updated permitted lan networks
  • NC-71443 [WAF] WAF license warning even if WAF is subscribed


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