eDocPrinter PDF Pro: How to activate properly i RDS environments

When running eDOC on terminal server farms, you will need to activate the licenses properly, else al lthe users will get their PDF’s watermarked with trial information 🙂

This can be done with this (From ITEKSOFT Support):

  1. For activating by administrator,
    Please login as Administrator in the server and execute the shortcut inWindows –> Start –> Programs –> eDocPrinter PDF Pro –> Enter Registration Key.
    Copy and paste the same user id, company name (optional), and key code from the key email in [Enter Registration Key] dialog.

    Klik i Windows startmenuen på:  Start | Alle Programmer | eDocPrinter PDF Pro | Indtast registreringsnummer…
    Indtast bagefter dine licensoplysninger (Bruger-ID, Firmanavn, Registreringsnummer) i fanebladet ‘Om’ ved at klikke på ‘Indtast registreringsnummer’.

    After activation, it will save the key information in HKLM. (hence users can load Lic info from HKLM)
    (make sure your admin account have proper permission in writing HKLM, by default it is granted)
    If you have multiple servers, please activate by the administrator account in all servers.


  2. For Ver 7.x, per-user activation deployment:For automatically deploying key information, please refer TSECLI activation below:

Read more about eDoc here:


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