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Sophos XG: XG Firewall v17.5 Early Access

By | 02/11/2018

If you want to try out XG 17.5 in beta(2), head for this: Release notes: What’s New in XG Firewall v17.5 Here’s a quick overview of the key new features in v17.5. For a more detailed description please refer to Sophos-XG-firewall-v17.5-whats-new.pdf Lateral Movement Protection extends our Security Heartbeat automated threat isolation to prevent any threat… Read More »

Sophos XG: SFOS 17.0.6 MR6 Released

By | 07/03/2018

Sophos has just released the long awaited MR6, for SFOS v17, I have installed it, and it looks like the VPN dropouts, finally stopped 🙂 Release notes: Note: On v16 to v17 update, SFOS does not set SHA2 truncation on custom IPSec policy. Please see for details. Issues Resolved NC-26520 [Base System] Logviewer exceeds allotted diskspace NC-26601… Read More »

SOPHOS XG: SFOS 17.0.5 MR5 Released

By | 01/02/2018

Sophos released MR5 today, MR4 was “skipped” due to it’s use was just for the factory to support new hardware: It’s a big maintenance release as you can see. For my use case, I have a lot of IPSEC issues that I look forward to be fixed here 🙂 Release notes (From community: Note: There… Read More »

Sophos XG Firewall Command Reference Guide v16

By | 28/12/2017

There are many things, you cannot configure from the XG Firewall GUI, therefore the XG has a CLI (console), where you can do the rest, here is the Command Reference Guide v16, also applicable for SFOS v17: SF-OS-Command-Reference-Guide Source:

Sophos XG firewall: SFOS v17.0 beta2 released

By | 10/10/2017

Finally XG 17 is moving towards something useable, beta2 has been released, and you now get a somewhat stable environment now: Read all about it here: UTM config conversion tool, will maybe be available in November 2017, after XG 17 beta is finished.

Sophos XG firewall: usefull shell commands

By | 19/10/2016

I’m beginning to collect shell commands also for XG firewall, so this article will be updated as they are learned 🙂 —————- Find raw text log files: Location: /var/tslog/ and symbolic link just /log —————- SMTP logfiles: Live logs: cd /log tail -f /log/awarrensmtp.log for Legacy mode tail -f /log/awarrenmta.log for MTA mode Check the… Read More »