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PLESK: How to bypass IP and hostname from SPF check

By | 18/01/2018

Sometimes, for various reasons, you may need to make a scanning exception for SPF on your Plesk server, this can be done by doing this: Go to Plesk Control Panel –> Tools & Settings –> Mail Server Settings. Add ip4:x.x.x.x or to the SPF local rules field. More than one entry should be separated… Read More »

PLESK: Disable mail for just one domain

By | 19/10/2017

If you have a user on Plesk, that has his own mailserver, and when sending mails from Plesk, you will get errors, because Plesk thinks it’s responsible for handling mail for the domain, you can disable mail for the domain via SSH:

PLESK: Enable passive FTP ports

By | 19/09/2017

When you have first installed Plesk Onyx, and you have forwarded port 20,21 to your Plesk server, you will find that the client is being redirected to passive ports, theese ports needs to be defined in your firewall and also in the Proftpd server inside Plesk. For Plesk: Create a new file “touch /etc/proftpd.d/passive.conf” Edit… Read More »