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Sophos XG Firewall: SFOS 17.5 GA Released

By | 03/12/2018

Hooray, XG 17.5 has been GA released, this is a promising update, with lateral Movement Protection, a REALLY nice feature, that no other provider can do! Also the new Sophos VPN client: Sophos Connect is here with this new version, finally you can run IPSEC VPN and SSLVPN in the SAME client 😉 Running with… Read More »

Exchange powershell: Add transport rule to add [EXT] word to all external mails

By | 29/11/2018

When receiving mails in theese phishing/ceo fraud times, it can be great to use this little neat free feature og your Exchange server: New-TransportRule -Name ‘Add EXT to all external mails incoming’ -Comments ‘Added 29/11-2018 by Martin F.’ -Priority ‘0’ -Enabled $true -FromScope ‘NotInOrganization’ -PrependSubject ‘[EXT] ‘ -ExceptIfSubjectContainsWords ‘[EXT]’ This will add the word “[EXT]”… Read More »

Sophos UTM 9.6 is now available

By | 29/11/2018

Sophos has released 9.6 😉 No IKEv2 support this time, but a lot of other new and great features, especially Let’s encrypt integration 🙂 It’s being rolled out in phases as usual, so to get it right away, use the download links at the bottom. Release notes from ““: Here’s what’s included in UTM 9.6… Read More »

Sophos XG: XG Firewall v17.5 Early Access

By | 02/11/2018

If you want to try out XG 17.5 in beta(2), head for this: Release notes: What’s New in XG Firewall v17.5 Here’s a quick overview of the key new features in v17.5. For a more detailed description please refer to Sophos-XG-firewall-v17.5-whats-new.pdf Lateral Movement Protection extends our Security Heartbeat automated threat isolation to prevent any threat… Read More »

Sophos UTM 9.6 Beta2 (9.580) Released

By | 02/11/2018

Sophos has released BETA2 for UTM 9.6: UTM 9.6 Beta2 (9.580) Released Today we’ve released UTM 9.6 Beta2 (9.580). You can download the update package from our FTP server (see download information below). Users already running Beta1 (9.570) will be offered the update via our Up2Date servers. ISO images for fresh installs will be available shortly.… Read More »

SOPHOS UTM: 9.6 Public beta released

By | 24/09/2018

What’s new in UTM 9.6? Let’s Encrypt Integration Generate and renew Let’s Encyrpt certificates from within UTM Generated certificates can be used in all UTM components WAF Page Customization Custom themes for all error pages that are delivered by WAF Allows to provide corporate identity on all pages Manual Sandstorm Submission Allows an admin to… Read More »