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PLESK: Enable passive FTP ports

Martin 19/09/2017

When you have first installed Plesk Onyx, and you have forwarded port 20,21 to your Plesk server, you will find that the client is being redirected to passive ports, theese ports needs to be defined in your firewall and also in the Proftpd server inside Plesk. For Plesk: Create a new file “touch /etc/proftpd.d/passive.conf” Edit the file with ex. nano: “nano /etc/proftpd.d/passive.conf” Add the following lines: <Global> PassivePorts 57000 59000 </Global> Then save the file,… PLESK: Enable passive FTP ports

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Sophos UTM 9.503-4 released

Martin 01/09/2017

Due to a little bug with samba and missing libraries, that will get you into problems with AD join, Sophos has released a minor update for that problem in particlular: Up2Date 9.503004 package description: Remark: System will be rebooted News: Hotfix Release Bugfix: Fix [NUTM-8702]: [Web] After 9.503-3 Update: net: error while loading shared libraries RPM packages contained: samba-4.6.5-3.g71f179b.rb1.i686.rpm ep-release-9.503-4.noarch.rpm

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Sophos UTM: Setting up DKIM for mail security

Martin 01/09/2017

Sophos UTM mail security has many features, it also supports DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), which allows the UTM to cryptographically sign outgoing messages. Unfortunately it’s not “that” easy to set up, like any other UTM feature, but that’s not the UTM’s fault 🙂 I will try to explain how to make things work here: Firstly you have to generate som key pairs, which we need to use to identify your mail, I will be using OpenSSL… Sophos UTM: Setting up DKIM for mail security

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