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Sophos UTM Update 9.411-3 released

Martin 09/02/2017

Sophos has just released the 9.411-3 update, fixing the anoying bug with Email and httpd coredumps!!: Up2Date 9.411003 package description: Remarks: System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded News: Maintenance Release Bugfixes: Fix [NUTM-6804]: [AWS] Update breaks HVM standalone installations Fix [NUTM-6747]: [Email] SAVI scanner coredumps permanently in MailProxy after update to 9.410 Fix [NUTM-6802]: [Web] New coredumps from httpproxy after update to v9.410 RPM packages contained: rubygem-sophos-iaas-1.0.0-0.251808053.g8ec3939.i686.rpm ep-cssd-9.40-28.g1a032c7.rb1.i686.rpm ep-ha-aws-9.40-376.g8ec3939.noarch.rpm ep-cloud-ec2-9.40-47.g1d126b2.i686.rpm ep-httpproxy-9.40-393.g39ad256.rb5.i686.rpm ep-release-9.411-3.noarch.rpm

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